Hola! I’m a full time adventurer and a missionary.. Let’s just say I’m an adventionary!

The name is Coree. Don’t wear it out!

You know, the guy who’s trying to impact unreached villages and inspire the world while doing it? Okay… maybe you don’t know me. Haha

I was born for anything except ordinary. Few things scare me. I don’t need much in life except for lasting relationships, my drive for change, and my personal walk with God.

In 2014 my heart was touched by a group of villagers in the mountains of Peru. They’re malnourished bodies and battered clothing cried out for somebody, but nobody was going to help them.

I did some research and found millions of villagers just like this. I saw a huge gap in missions that needed to be filled. So, I gave up my life for the thrill and the calling to help.  {More}

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