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On the smallest missions budget of all time I’ve been to 30+ countries on 6 continents. With each step I’m making a difference. Almost two years ago I had a wild and rare dream. I gathered friends, raised a little support, and went to a school for missions. I came home put my dreams to […]



I just finished my greatest adventure. This was the entire reason I left the USA. Now after months of anticipation and pressing my way to this goal, I have a template for the next season of my life. It all boiled down to a single 7-day trek, that I would never forget! This blog is […]


The Wild

I’m writing to you on a bus ride out of Bolivia. This is by far the sketchiest ride of my life. The good news is, we’ve been riding for 21 hours and we only have 13 hours to Cusco, Peru. Lol. Our time in Bolivia was supposed to be just a training for the rest […]


Hauyna Potosi Bolivia

It’s day 10 in Bolivia. We just finished climbing Huayna Potosí, the closest high mountain to La Paz. The normal ascent route is a glacier climb, with some crevasses and a steep climb to the summit. Although we couldn’t summit on this climb, we made it to above 18,000 feet. This video shows everything, including […]


La Paz Bolivia

Say hello to La Paz, Bolivia. This city sits in a bowl at 11,975 feet surrounded by the Altiplano, where the Andes are at their widest! The Altiplano was the site of several Pre-Columbine cultures including the Tiawanaku and the Inca Empire. It is the most extensive area of high plateau on earth outside of Tibet. This is our first […]


South America Highland Mission

[Photo from my last visit to Peru. Highland children nearby Cusco at elevation 13,800 feet.] Since I have a strong love for the people in South America, I’m going to the Andes Mountains in Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. I’m leaving Saturday, October 3 and I’ll be gone for 3-5 months. During this time I’ll be scouting […]

Past Present Future

I still remember sitting in foreign places imagining I would write this blog from my living room couch. Now, I’ve been here in the USA for three months and I’m finally getting to write. There is so much to be done between now and my next big step. I’m excited to tell you about everything […]

Himalayan Adventure

The Himalayas When I last wrote, Katmandu, Nepal was home. I had joined with the greatest human trafficking prevention team in the world and I was headed into the Himalayas. For safety purposes I can’t mention the name of that organization. Let’s call them Two40. Their unique vision is a great example of how weird missions can […]

Goodbye India & Hello Nepal

Hey Everyone! It’s been too long since my last update. Internet access is limited in India. Plus, I wanted to live fully in the moment by staying away from my phone and the social network. Today when this message posts I’ll be trekking into the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal for my next mission. When I last […]