Story time!

The name is Coree. Don’t wear it out! You know, the guy who’s trying to impact unreached villages and inspire the world while doing it? Okay… maybe you don’t know me. Haha

I was born for anything except ordinary. Few things scare me. I don’t need much in life except for lasting relationships, my drive for change, and my personal walk with God.

In 2014 my heart was touched by a group of villagers in the mountains of Peru. Thier malnourished bodies and battered clothing cried out for somebody, but nobody was going to help them.

I did some research and found millions of villages just like this. I saw a huge gap in missions that needed to be filled. So, I gave up my life for the thrill and the calling to help.

Since then I’ve worked on 6 continents and 50+ countries. I’ve trekked many different mountain ranges around the world. Searching for the people who need me most.

I’ve started many different projects, both in and out of the mountains. Trying to do missions outside the box. Finding creative and extreme ways to share how awesome Jesus is.

If you’ve followed me from the beginning you’ve seen the results. I’ve backpacked, hitchhiked, dirt biked, horsebacked, and bused all over the world. Sharing Jesus and making a lasting change.

The difference is obvious and now my once small vision has exceeded my expectations.

Let’s do something together!

I specialize in remote village missions, but I’ve gained additional skills over the years. I’m available to speak at events, host mission teams, inspire other missionaries, and launch projects.


Do you want to inspire your organization to jump into their dreams? Invite me to share my story with your church, youth, school, or event!


Would you like to take a missions trip? I can plug you into many different projects. I love hosting youth groups, churches, or maybe just you and a friend!


Do you need help with figuring out your dream and next steps? I love to brainstorm with people. I can help you figure it out and get your future started, now!


Are you looking for a new project? I’m always searching for new adventurers to team up with. Launch into an existing project or invite me to join yours!