Don’t let the title confuse you.. We don’t do drugs. Haha. This project is all about going on top of the highest places and declaring the land for Jesus. We believe there is power in declaring God’s ownership while on top of the highest summits!

I wanted to do a continental prayer meeting, and God said go big. Now we hold the record for the highest prayer meeting of all time!

We started this project in Argentina on top of Mt. Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America. It had amazing results and now we want to keep it going.

Next, Mt. Kilimanjaro. The tallest mountain in Africa. We are going to start with announcing the project in front of a 100 thousand people live audience, and 15 million people over TV and radio. Believing this will start a movement of prayer over Eastern Africa!

Ways to get involved!

If you have the skills that could impact this project, please contact me and let’s get you plugged in. Easy as that!

Mountain Guides

If you love mountains and have an extreme itch for adventure, let’s get you involved! Experience required.

Camera/Film Man

We are always looking for people to document our projects! If you have a good eye, let’s get you on the team.

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