Willkanuta Mountains

Peru is where it all began for me. This is my first missions project. In 2015 I opened an extreme trek to unreached villages. Now I’m hosting teams! In fall of 2016, I guided my first two teams into the villages.

My goal with this project is to have fun, lead people in extreme adventure, and collaborate creative methods with each team for reaching these unreached people.

This is a multi-faceted project. Our teams will go with joy, build awesome relationships, and ultimately share Jesus with remote people in the Williankantu Mountain range. We will start on horseback until it gets too steep. Then we will go on foot until we reach the river and we’ll continue in white water rafts! The trek I’ve pioneered takes us strategically into villages along the way. Sounds fun right?!

Ways to get involved!

If you have the skills that could impact this project, please contact me and let’s get you plugged in. Easy as that!

Trekking Partner

If you love mountains and have an extreme itch for adventure, let’s get you involved!


Living in Peru is cheap, but not free. Please help by financially supporting this project.


If you have an eye for photography, this position would be great for you!


Prayer is the backbone of this ministry. Please support us in prayer daily!

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