It’s All Coming Together In Peru!

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I made it safely back up and down the mountain! This first trip into the unknown for 2016 was a giant success. It set a good vibe for the rest of the year and made me so excited about what’s to come this fall in Peru!

My goal was to scout an additional section to the trek I pioneered last November. Here is the blog where I explained this trip. I wanted to add more villages to the trek and make it more exciting for teams who are thinking about using my trek for missions. Now for certain I can add interesting witnessing tools such as, dirt bikes, horses, rafting, etc. This will increase the level of impact we can have.

Just look at some of the photos!

IMG_6384Photo May 04, 11 40 47Photo May 06, 09 39 08IMG_8409Photo May 07, 09 49 59Photo May 07, 11 28 24I was prepared to go alone. Then at last minute, I thankfully got to take two of my Peruvian missionary friends with me, Steve and Micah Hobby. Having them with me was perfect to get a feel for when I’ll be guiding teams. It helped me to create a solid checklist and prepare for every possible scenario.

Photo of Steve and Micah.

IMG_6380The trip was a incredible. I found additional villages to visit. Not just that, in one of the villages, God opened a door for me to build a solid relationship with a man named Alex and his family. This is such a big deal. It means I can visit his people with teams this fall, and the people will receive us with open arms. This is the second village to welcome me like this. I believe it’s the second of many hundreds to come!

I didn’t get a photo of Alex, but here is his village and a few of the villagers.

Photo May 07, 17 43 47Photo May 07, 16 39 27Photo May 07, 10 44 04Two Weeks In Bolivia

By the time this blog posts, I’ll be on my way to Bolivia. I’ll be there for the next two weeks reconnecting with a drug rehabilitation organization, speaking to some youth groups, and climbing two big mountains in preparation for the worlds highest altitude prayer meeting in Mt. Aconcagua.

Back To Peru

After Bolivia, I will return to Peru, and I will be back in the mountains to finalize my trek. When I was in Peru last fall with Tannen Healy, we just made sure the trek was possible. Now I will be making the trek passable and connecting the original trek with the new section.

Trek With Me In June

In early June I’ll do one final run through the entire trek. Would you like to go with me? The dates will be from June 5-14, 2016. As long as you have a passport, the visa for Peru can be picked up at the airport in Lima. Contact me ASAP for details.

Into The Villages

It’s so exciting to think about what’s going to happen in the fall, when I lead teams into the villages. Already, two YWAM teams are confirmed, and other missions teams are considering it. With each team we will do it differently, using the unique skills and creative ideas from each team. We’re going to show so much love to the villagers!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Together, we are truly making a difference in South America!

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  1. Chuck
    Chuck says:

    Coree, this is awesome!! I’m praying for your trip to Bolivia, and for your trip back to Peru, and for success in everything you do! Can’t wait to see you in about a month!! Love you and so proud of you.

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    Coree, what an amazing adventure, awesome photos and an opportunity very few have! So proud of you! Keep up Gods work. We will be praying for you.

  3. Richard
    Richard says:

    Wow, Coree! Totally awesome trek you’re on! Spiritually and physically! Gorgeous country! Gorgeous people! Everywhere you go, you’re spreading Light and Love! Look at them smiles! Many Blessings to ya, Bud!

  4. Kevin Huffer
    Kevin Huffer says:

    Coree you are such a Amazing person with in stoppable God Given Drive to fulfill Gods Plan for your Life.. I Truly Admire your Faith and Willingness to step out on the Water even if you are alone.. You seem so Happy and Enjoying this Adventure without Fear.. Amazing Testimony of Encouragement for many People!! Keep on doing what you’re doing, your Rewards are going to be unbelievable.. Luv you man.. God Bless Every Step You Take..🙏🏼

  5. MaLeah
    MaLeah says:

    Praying for you Coree! So thankful for your work to further God’s kingdom. The pictures are breathtaking. I can’t imagine seeing it in person. This is so inspiring. Love and prayers.

  6. Dawn Valentine
    Dawn Valentine says:

    it is so exciting to here about the Lord opening the doors for you. Praying that. God will open even more doors. Love you
    Dawn Valentine

  7. MaryAFerrell
    MaryAFerrell says:

    Wow love the pics!!!! May God just blow your mind in how great and powerful He is on using you. Lov ya and prayin!!!

  8. BrotherHugh
    BrotherHugh says:

    Dear Coree,
    Truly you remind me of Livingstone. He was not just a great explorer – he was a missionary – and he went where no other man had the courage to go – Darkest Africa.
    And now you Coree – Highest Andes. May the Lord bless you and keep you Brother.
    Your Brother in Christ, Hugh

  9. Meg Zig
    Meg Zig says:

    Praying for you Coree! Life Chapel is behind you every step of the way! My devotional a this week are to pray for Bolivia – which is just where you happen to be!

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