South America Highland Mission


[Photo from my last visit to Peru. Highland children nearby Cusco at elevation 13,800 feet.]

Since I have a strong love for the people in South America, I’m going to the Andes Mountains in Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. I’m leaving Saturday, October 3 and I’ll be gone for 3-5 months.

During this time I’ll be scouting 3 locations to relate with the people and research their needs. While I’m there I plan to help them however I can, and witness about Christ. After that I will select one of these locations, and I will go there to begin my bigger work.

I’m excited to announce that my long time friend Tannen Healy is traveling with me for this entire mission! Please pray for Tannen when you pray for me.

This 14 minute video explains everything.

Thank you caring about this mission, and for your encouragement, prayers, and financial support.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you in videos, photos and short blog updates. If you’re not already signed up for my updates, do it now!

Get ready to be amazed.

5 replies
  1. Dawn Valentine
    Dawn Valentine says:

    We were so excited that you came to life group last night! Just know that we will be lifting you up in prayer as you’re gone and praying God will use you in a powerful way.
    Love you buddy

  2. Cindi Fortin
    Cindi Fortin says:

    Coree and Tannen,
    I believe in you both, your mission and our awesome God’s provision, protection and guidance. You are true laborers in the harvest field. Go with God knowing we will keep you lifted in prayer. I’m looking forward to your updates and to seeing you in 3-5 months.

  3. Emily
    Emily says:

    Gahhhh! Wish I was coming with y’all! Love that you are following the Lords heart.
    Praying for you both!

  4. Xiwan (XiZi)
    Xiwan (XiZi) says:

    “The man who fears the Lord fears nothing. God sends missionaries and he will provide. We are with you MAN!!!” Excited to hear God stories in your and your mates life. Love you

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